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Please carefully read the following:

The DCRO is a collaborative initiative. Membership is limited to active or recently active board members, chief risk officers, or other c-level executives. 

Professionalism and discretion are expected at all times. Any information which you garner from the group shall not be attributed to any individual or their organization without their written permission.

From time-to-time, members are invited to participate in governance councils, surveys, and other studies facilitated by the DCRO. To the extent that your time and organizational guidelines allow, your participation in these is expected. We share our insights for the benefit of each other and develop best practices for all. A wide breadth of participation makes our sharing more valuable.


As the DCRO is a highly restrictive group designed to foster collaboration, best-practice development, and sharing among the world's leading risk governance professionals, trust among members is essential.  The quality of our membership is quite high. Therefore, it is also an attractive target for solicitation. To protect our members, there is to be no direct solicitation of fellow members designed to generate sales or revenue for another member, via DCRO forums. Violation of this policy is grounds for dismissal from the group.

Membership is free of charge, although there may be optional fees required to participate in any events requiring direct expenses to support (for example, conferences, roundtables, printed materials, etc.).

If accepted as a member, you agree to receive emails and communications about DCRO activities.

There is no guarantee that your membership will be approved. If you are not an active or recently active board member, chief risk officer, or other c-level executive, please do not apply. We don't enjoy saying no.

Please complete this form and agree to the terms above

Privacy Policy

We do not rent or share your personal information with any commercial party other than for the provision of services related to the activities of the DCRO. The DCRO is a voluntary association. You voluntarily provide contact information and may be asked to voluntarily provide information on your preferences in order to serve you better as a member. The DCRO uses third-party utilities to store this information and relies on their security and privacy tools and defenses. We have no corporate infrastructure beyond that provided by these parties. If you were/are a member of the DCRO on LinkedIn, your prior contact information may be transferred to these third parties for the provision of services related to the activities of the DCRO. You may opt-out of membership at any time by contacting us or unsubscribing via any email you receive from the DCRO.