The 2018 DCRO Exemplar Awards

Honoring the Leaders of the Global Risk Governance Community

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the DCRO, we launch the DCRO Exemplar Awards - honoring leading governance experts - the Individuals and organizations that are setting the standards for risk governance practices around the world. 


The awards are backed by leading innovators in risk and governance evaluation, TruValue Labs and The Governance Fund. Read the press release here.

DCRO award winners will be announced in May 2018.

Qualities of Successful Nominees

Nominations for this year's awards are now closed. Those individuals and companies nominated are being evaluated on the basis of four key traits, as detailed below.


  • Demonstrates, articulates, and expects the highest ethical standards
  • Recognized by the markets, or in other public media, for their high professional standards
  • Demonstrates the importance of understanding and governing risk at an advanced level 


  • Demonstrated work to advance the use and governance of risk in pursuit of corporate goals
  • Recognized for contributions to innovations in risk governance
  • Takes unique and effective approaches to improved risk governance 


  • Exhibits and maintains courage and leadership, doing what is best for those who depend upon them for success
  • Demonstrated trust from their peers, markets, or other public media
  • Individual excellence demonstrated beyond what is typical for their industry or field 


  • Devotion of time and resources to the continual improvement of risk governance within their organization 
  • Devotion of time and resources to the continual improvement of risk governance outside of their own organization via professional associations or other avenues 

Thank you to our Sponsors

The Governance Fund is a private initiative to foster the better governance, understanding, and use of risk in the pursuit of value creation. Learn more about Sustainable Value Grades, Portfolio Shaping, and the role that governance plays in creating value at

TruValue Labs is the first company to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover timely Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and other intangible risks from unstructured data. Clients use our flagship product, Insight360, to conduct in-depth risk research, monitor risk daily via alerts, compare risk measures to peers and to identify the risks in your client, investment, or supplier portfolio.