Governance Councils

Experienced Board Members, Chief Risk Officers, and other C-Level executives collaborate to develop guiding principles and standards for boards and their committees. 

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Peer-to-Peer Conference Calls

Led by fellow DCRO members or select external experts, these calls focus on the practical applications of both our internally developed guiding principles and standards, as well as existing best practices.

Executive Sessions

In-person roundtables that are led by DCRO members or select external experts that focus on interactive discussion of key risk governance issues.

Surveys and Studies

Tapping into the global knowledge and awareness of DCRO members, occasional surveys and studies of key risk governance issues and timely topics are conducted. Results are first shared with DCRO members.

Referals and Networking

Internally and through sister organizations, the DCRO can refer members to resources for company-specific needs, or can facilitate the creation of ad hoc groups to address special requests.

DCRO Exemplar Awards

Recognizing the accomplishments and contributions of individuals and companies as exemplars in their dedication to advancing the best in risk governance practices.

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