A Focus on Collaboration

The DCRO facilitates collaborative work among peers: development of guiding principles and standards, peer-to-peer conference calls, web-based and in-person interactions, and more.

We are a highly selective network of Board Directors, Chief Risk Officers, and other C-level executives whose work focuses on the governance of risk. We emphasize the link between good governance by boards and board committees with the effective risk-taking and risk management activities of organizations. 

Members come from more than 115 countries and represent for-profits, non-profits, and public governance entities.


The DCRO was started in 2008 by David R. Koenig. All of our creative work is done pro bono by practicing board members and c-level executives and is thus made freely available to members, and often to non-members, as well. We emphasize practicality, allowing our work to immediately be put to use by boards and their committees. 

The DCRO is not a commercial venture.

Engage your peers